The Militia

Since the dawn of the internet the cat has walked alone, ruler of the online realm. This reign was controlled through the deep web, presided over by ten legendary ‘mad cats’.

In 2021, everything changed.

The feline nation grew complacent. In the shadows, pretenders to the throne were massing. Punks, hashmasks, apes and even other cats infiltrated the political system and made their move.

Out of nowhere, the mad cats were sent to prison by a military court for a crime they did not commit.

Soon after, they escaped into the underworld where they remain, surviving as soldiers of fortune.

Now, they are coming… to take it all back.

This is the Mad Cat Militia.

Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia

Join the organisation

In buying a cat you join the militia, gaining entry to the barracks and benefitting from all the member perks on our manifesto, if and when deployed.

Distribution is fair.

No free cats because you own another collection; no special pricing. One price for all buyers; one price for all ranks and rarities of cat.

Cats will be minted at the point of sale. Allocation is random.

Mad Cat Militia


Each mad cat is unique and programmatically generated from over 150 possible traits, including battalion, rank, whiskers and more.

The cats are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia
Mad Cat Militia


We understand that re-establishing the feline nation is not an overnight task and that a militia cannot run on dreams alone.

The more support we receive from you, our newest recruits, the more we can add to our arsenal.

Once we hit one of the sales targets outlined below, we will begin work on the accompanying mission:

10% SOLD

Repay the friends and family that helped us to bring this project together.

20% SOLD

Deploy an airdrop of 20 special edition black ops cats (two per battalion) to lucky mad cat holders. These will be within the 10,000 collection.

50% SOLD

All general, major and colonel-ranked mad cats sold in the first 5,000 mints will qualify to receive a physical print.

60% SOLD

We give Mad Cat Militia logo hoodies to 50 mad cat holders chosen at random.

70% SOLD

We hit the print button on some slick merchandise and make it available exclusively to mad cat holders.

80% SOLD

We reveal our collector reward program, offering special edition mad cat rewards for collectors holding certain card combinations. These will be outside the 10,000 collection.

100% SOLD

We design and initiate a series of intra-militia war games where mad cats can do battle, and the victors receive honours and medals. We see this as a unique way to ‘level up’ your NFT over time with honours displayed on your cat’s profile page in our gallery. Let’s find our best warriors!


We have a huge vision for this project, Vive la militia!


Deep in the underworld, the mad cats made a pact. Each would comb the streets recruiting fighters, foragers and strays to join their ranks.

Over time they formed 10 distinct battalions, each with its own identity.

A militia cannot run on chaos. Order is paramount. Each battalion is a slick, well-oiled machine overseen by its general - the original mad cat.

Mad Cat Militia


Mad Cat Militia


Mad Cat Militia


Mad Cat Militia


Mad Cat Militia


Mad Cat Militia

Foot Soldier

Foot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot SoldierFoot Soldier

Tomcat Troop

Battalion Size 1000

Battalion 1/10

General x1

Colonel x3

Major x9

Captain x36

Sergeant x180

Foot Soldier x771


Mad Cat Militia

Top Cat. Dev.

Mad Cat Militia

Geordie Queen. Artist.

Mad Cat Militia

Bagpuss. Dev.